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Here's are story and we are sticking to it till this day.

Hello I am Louise Polite Creator Artsian At Sonny & Dew, we do everything the old-fashioned way. We don't cut corners and we put a lot of love into each and every product that leaves our boutique. Ingredient Sourcing. We purchase only pure, all natural and organic ingredients for every product we make. If an ingredient or essential oil is out of stock, then we don't make any of that particular product. It's that simple, our goal is quality over quantity. Hand Blending We blend all the ingredients by hand in small batches. This ensures quality and consistency across our line of different products. It does take more time, but the end product is a premium, well balanced, handcrafted product that works wonders! It is no wonder why the Sonny & Dew line of products have become a staple for all skin types, radiantly nourishing, restoring, and protecting. Packed with vitamins, antioxidants and natural ingredients, our products are perfect for all skin types.We carefully package each jar that leaves our boutique, ensuring the safety seal is correctly applied, lids are fixed securely shut and the jar is shrink-wrapped. Additionally, we include a bonus in the box - one for you, and one to share with a friend. Our aim is to grow, and your support is essential. Let someone in on the secret of Sonny & Dew - every product we send out is crafted with devotion and attention to every detail. We are certain of the quality of our product and make sure our customers are satisfied.

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